In consideration of the new measures on the restriction of movement that the Republic of Cyprus has announced due to the spread of the pandemic COVID-19, all residents of Cyprus should avoid any unnecessary movement outside of their place of residence.

From 24th of March 2020 at 18:00, until 13th of April 2020 06:00, unnecessary movement is strictly prohibited.

Movements that are allowed:

- Transfer to and from workplaces, and for work purposes

- Absolutely necessary visits to public services and local governmental services. Movements for purchase or supply of essential goods/services to and from businesses/services whose operation has not been suspended and if delivery is impossible

- Visit the doctor, or go to the pharmacy, or for donating blood

- Visit bank branches, as long as the electronic transaction is not possible

- The movement to assist our relatives and/or vulnerable citizens who are unable to self-serve or in groups that are required to protect themselves or are in self-restraint and/or quarantine areas

- First and second-degree relatives who are planning to attend any ceremonies such as funerals, weddings, and christenings and do not exceed the total number of 10 persons

- Movements, for physical activity or, for the needs of your pets, if they do not exceed the two persons and are moving to areas on a close distance to your homes

All persons whose movement is permitted as described above, have to have with them an Identity Card or Passport, with the official additional evidence requested by the competent authorities.

The following spaces are closed and entry is strictly forbidden:

- Parks,

- Playgrounds.

- Open sports grounds,

- Public meeting places, including squares, dams, beaches, marinas

From 6.00 pm on March 24th, 2020 until 06:00 am of 13th April 2020:

- Suspension of any kind of street vending and bazaars

- Suspension of work on construction sites unless they are public utility projects, for which a permit will be issued by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works

- Citizens are prohibited to attend religious places of worship, such as churches, mosques

All retail businesses are suspended.

The following will remain open:

• Disability and orthopedic companies and laboratories.

• Medical and industrial gas and machinery businesses and laboratories.

• Optical companies and laboratories.

• Hearing aids sales companies.

• Car and motorcycle garages.

• Tire dealers.

• Bicycle trading and repair companies.

• Cleaners.

• Couriers of postal and transport services.

• Companies selling and feeding pet animals, animal feed or veterinary medicines.

• Telecommunications service providers, in so far as it relates to payment services, balance renewal, repair and replacement of mobile devices).

• Pesticides, fertilizers, and pesticide trading companies, materials or equipment.

• Businesses for the sale of cars and motor vehicles.

• Funeral offices.

• Nurseries and florists.

It is understood that all retail businesses, including the above, may provide an e-commerce service or telephone commerce with home delivery.

The Republic of Cyprus takes into consideration the full respect of those measures from all residents in the country. Offenders will be fined with the charge of €150.

For ANY MOVEMENT permission is requested either by sending a text message to the number: 8998 or by using the FORM B to explain the reason for your movement by mentioning all your details. Always have an ID or Passport with you. Attached you will find the FORM B for your use.

Download FORM B


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