Catalogue of Free Digital Resources for Migrants

In alignment with the “Opening Up Education Communication” and the new priorities for the strategic framework for European Cooperation in Education and training (ET2020), in 2016, the Directorate General Joint Research Centre (DG JRC) of the European Commission commissioned the “Study on MOOCs and free digital learning for inclusion of migrants and refugees.” In this study a catalogue of free digital learning initiatives targeted to develop the skills needed by migrants and refuges in EU countries was produced. The final report of the study and the catalogue of initiatives can be accessed here:

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The resource includes a number of different online games that place a focus on the learning of the Greek language. The games aim to enhance the correct use of grammar and syntax in the Greek language through gamification.

The Digital Inclusion course is built on a digital platform. It provides a user friendly interface where the user can find information about the course modules. It aims to provide migrants, asylum seekers and refugees the opportunity to learn strategies and practices that can be beneficial for their personal and professional development through the use of digital technologies. Specifically, the course consists of the following five modules:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic Language Skills
  • Practices for Entering the Labor Market
  • Know Your Laws
  • Entrepreneurship

During the course participants can have the opportunity to interact with the course material, discuss in forums with others and go through an assessment in order to gain an accredited certificate.