Our services will utilize advanced communication technologies and management information systems to promote collaboration with various governmental NGOS and voluntary services. Services for migrants include assistance to access the labour market, as well as to cover accommodation, educational and health needs. In addition this project incorporate an innovative element, a mobile unit that will offer psychosocial services in rural areas. Through this practice we are initiating an effort to diminish social isolation and exclusion of vulnerable individuals.

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We provide information regarding procedures, support in completing necessary forms and key information to increase the access and speed up procedures. We also provide support to our service users to gain a better understanding of the situation in Cyprus and assist them in making informed decisions about their own future.

We empower our service users to become able to register to the responsible authorities to look for a job, to prepare them for an employment interview, to inform them about procedures to certify Academic Professional Qualifications, to advise them about preparing Presentation Skills, to assist them to prepare their Curriculum Vitae and to enhance communication skills for being employed.

We make an effort to ensure that all individuals have equal access to resources and opportunities offered. Through advocacy we ensure that our service users will be able to have access to information and services, express their concerns and explore alternative choices and options.

The mobile unit is equipped to provide psychosocial support and informational services, at an individual and/or family level, to reduce as well as to eliminate social problems resulting from the transition to a new country and from the need for active inclusion in the local community. The mobile unit will operate in all districts in Cyprus intended to alleviate social and psychological difficulties.

We provide assistance to vulnerable service users through psychological assessment and design an intervention plan which will be adapted solely for each individual assisting their transition in the local community. All individuals are treated with dignity and respect. In cases that specialized psychological services are needed individuals will be referred accordingly.