Operation of the MIC- Temporary Accommodation Shelter (MIHUB – Shelter)

Recognizing the housing difficulties that occur, especially for vulnerable groups of migrants, following the approval of the Responsible Authority, the MIC project implemented and set in operation the temporary accommodation shelter.

The deadline for the open vacancies have been extended: The deadline for Social Advisors and Psychologists has been extended until the 7th of May 2019 whilst the deadline for the Accountant until the 10th of May.

Κοινωνικός/η Σύμβουλος για τα ΚΕΜ Λευκωσίας, Λάρνακας και Πάφου, Κλινικός Ψυχολόγος, Βοηθός Λογιστηρίου (περιοχή Λευκωσίας)